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Flag Subscription Program: How-To

Signature project: Flag subscriptions

Kiwanis clubs can generate funds to make a difference in their communities by selling flag subscriptions. It’s a great way to create a signature project for your club—providing and installing a 3'x 5' US or Military flag in the subscriber's residential or business property.  Club members can reach out to the people of their community through social media, local advertising, word of mouth, or by going door-to-door to inform them about the program.  Supporters will donate a nominal fee to the club and in return, club members and volunteers will install temporary flagpoles and flags on the supporter's property for patriotic holidays throughout the year.  After each holiday, the club members and volunteers go back out and remove the flags and flagpoles to store them until the next holiday.  Individual Kiwanis clubs around the country have been creating and running this type of program for many years, but now with the partnership between Kiwanis International and Atlas Flags, it is easier than ever to get one started for YOUR club.  Below you will find more detailed instructions on the actual installation and removal technique that has proven most effective for existing flag programs.


Flagpole sleeve installation

Installation begins with approval from the homeowner and/or business for the exact location of flag placement on the property. Club members or volunteers install a plastic tube that has an inside diameter greater than the outside diameter of the flagpole—to act as a sleeve for easy insertion and removal. This tube should be around 12” long to provide a strong foundation, ensuring the flagpole stands steady in strong winds.


A section of PVC pipe with an end cap works great for these sleeves

 By using a cordless drill equipped with an auger bit to dig the hole for the flagpole sleeve, there is no damage to the property and installation takes just seconds. Pick an auger bit that matches the outside diameter of the PVC pipe that will be placed in the hole.  For example, a 1” diameter auger bit for a standard drill provides a tight, secure fit for a 1” PVC pipe.  A rubber mallet or deadblow hammer can also make a snug installation a little easier.


This type of auger bit is available at most hardware stores and garden centers



Make sure the top of the cap is flush with ground level when the sleeve is fully installed to avoid any damage to the sleeve or cap when the property is mowed

Flag display

Once the sleeve is installed and capped, it is ready for use. One week before the flag holiday, club volunteers should remove and store the end caps, install the flagpoles into the sleeves, and zip-tie the flags to the poles. (The zip-tie can be done in advance to save time). After the holiday, club members should retrieve the flags and poles, replacing the end caps on the ground sleeves. The plastic ground sleeve remains in the customer's yard. If installed properly, it will not interfere with yard activities at times when the flag is not on display, and will make the repeat installations much quicker and easier.


Getting started

This website offers an easy way to purchase all items needed for this signature program.  Head over to the products page by clicking here or on the link in the navigation bar at the top of the page to see packages and pricing.  You can take donations from supporters to purchase these materials, and then sell the subscriptions to create a long-term stream of revenue for your club that can be used for other club projects.  Don't miss out on this opportunity to generate funds AND help your community display their pride and patriotism, get your flag program going today!